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Combat Ability

"(Pray) Cause nobody ever survives."


* Two one-handed swords. The handles are golden, carved to look like dragons. Their wings form the hand-guards. The blades themselves are gently curved and hooked at the tip.

* One lengthy black whip


{*} Blood Frenzy

Evaris taps into the vicious nature of the demon possessing him. While in this frenzy, any pain he endures/blood he spills increases his strength.

Basically: Pain equals Power.

{*} Devour

If Evaris allows himself to become too injured, he does have means of healing himself, so some degree. The creature possessing him grants him a few different frightening abilities, and this is one of the most unnerving. Evaris can heal himself if he consumes the flesh and blood of his enemies. So watch out for those fangs, they're not just for show!

{*}Burning Wings

Evaris draws on more of the demon's power, creating a large pair of red ghostly wings at his back. Those the wings are non-substantial, they are still dangerous. The air they occupy becomes corrosive, inflicting damage on anything or anyone that touches them or passes through them. Even Evaris is not immune; his back has burns from where the wings form. But as mentioned previously, pain can serve to make him stronger.

{*} Demon's Roar

Evaris roars with all the rage of a pent up dragon; the sound can be difficult for some people to bare; folk more susceptible to their fears may find themselves terrified, even desperate to flee and hide.

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