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 photo 1b.png  photo 2b.png

 photo 4b_zpslc8f8dlc.png  photo 3b_zpsmclpawfv.png

 photo 5b1_zpszyhkvczg.png  photo 6b1_zps2xbicatp.png

 photo 7b_zpsp74uxn5e.png  photo 8b_zpscbaok4zl.png

 photo 9b_zpskobzhpgd.png  photo 11b.png

 photo 10b.png  photo 12b.png

 photo 13b_zpsv4ut6ehx.png  photo 14b_zpsqtw4103g.png

 photo 15b_zpsg2dctpee.png

All above images by the amazing [personal profile] thebutt!

Here are a couple of pics by my awesome friend Maren! The last is a cute little chibi comic of her bloodmage!Hawke and Evaris :)

 photo needsmorehair_zps79b105ea.png

 photo evar5_zps254d0e31.png

 photo aimimg_11_zps4a6747ae.png

This one was done by amazing Melissa! Thanks man!

 photo 554039_492453484113132_1469281294_n_zpsc7e8877b.jpg

This one is by me!~

 photo evaris_zpsfdac3ee9.jpg

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