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Basic Info

Name: Evaris
Age: 23-33, depending on the point in his timeline
Race: Elf
Class: Warrior: Reaver
Where To Find Him: Taverns, Brothels, Ancient Ruins, Treasuries. He's attracted to wealth, treasure, violence, blood, and sex. So if those things are found in abundance, he'll likely be there. Evaris never stays in one place for long; he is restless and fallows his passions where they take him. He doesn't have anything resembling a home, though sometimes he has dreams of a mountain of treasure encased in walls of thick earthy stone...


* Obsessed with gold
* Severe fascination/attraction to blood
* Severely masochistic
* Sparring (Swords, hand-to-hand)
* All the kinky sex
* Smoking elven herb and drinking red wine
* Anything involving dragons
* Long luxurious baths
* Combat/Violence
* Following Passions
* Indulgence
* Luxury
* Rats
* Fairy Tales/Story Books/Legends
* Musicians/Music


* Strict Rules and those who enforce them
* Feeling Vulnerable
* Folks touching his braids without warning
* Feeling weak
* Being judged
* Slavers/Bandits/Those who prey on the weak
* Undead/Zombies
* Spiders
* Vanilla Sex
* Poor Taste
* Sitting idle/doing nothing
* Living with his own demons

Plus Friendship:

* Give him lots of things. He loves gifts, especially golden things. It may be a little shallow, but this elf loves himself some luxury items.

* Helping those in need. Evaris doesn't approve of kicking people when they're down. Defending someone vulnerable or giving them something they need is a good way to get on his good side. Don't give away any of his gold though, for god's sake man!

* Helping those with bad reputations. Evaris is possessed, and he knows there are whispers of his demons, knows there are people who would damn him only by what they have heard others say. Thus, he may go a little farther out of his way to help those with especially bad reputations if it seems to him they are more than what people say. People rumored to be violent and dangerous excite his interest and make him curious.

* Indulgence in luxury. He'll love anyone who soaks in a hot bath with him, or anyone who can appreciate his expensive taste and his offended by poor quality as much as he is.

* Kill the Slavers! Evaris spent most of his memorable childhood in the posession of slavers, so he has a SLIGHT personal dislike of them. He is always up for killing slavers; the more brutal, the better.

* Flirtation! By golly is Evaris a Flirty Sim. He's a very predatory nature, and he loves when others challenge his dominance. He loves people who respond to his flirting boldly; he isn't interested in prey that just roll over and take it.

* Be nice to rats. It's a thing. Just do it.

* Spar/fight with him!

Plus Rivalry:

* Side with 'The Law' or conventional rules

* Turning away gold/pay

* Sparring the lives of Slavers/cutting deals with them

* Acting prudish to his flirtation

* Touching his hair unprovoked

* Acting judgmental towards his (honestly outlandish) behaviors

* Calling him a monster

Appearance: If you're a more visual person, check out the Pics section!

Evaris is an elf; so on the smaller, leaner side of the spectrum. That being said, he's got a warrior's body; chiseled muscles, and many, many scars. His skin is the color of dark chocolate.

Evaris has large golden eyes; slightly large for an elf, even. Occasionally, his pupils more resemble reptilian slits. They're almost luminous with their gold coloring.

His hair is the color of wet blood, and he wears it in thick woven braids around the back of his head. When out questing he'll wear them up in loops at the back of his head, but when he's at rest, he lets them loose, and they easily reach his ankles.

Evaris has 40 piercings:

3 golden hooked piercings on his left eyebrow
3 golden hooked piercings on his right eyebrow
3 hooked golden bar piercings through his nose (horizontally)
2 golden studs in his nose (each nostril)
1 golden hoop through middle of his nose
2 Facial Subdermals (one by the bottom corner of each eye)
2 cheek piercings (one on either side)
3 golden rings through his bottom lip
2 golden tongue studs
4 golden hooked subdermals along the left side of his collar bone
4 golden hooked subdermals along the right side of his collar bone
3 golden hooked surface piercings along his left hip bone
3 golden hooked surface piercings along his right hip bone
2 nipple piercings (one golden hoop each)
2 belly button piercings (golden studs)
1 Golden hoop with ruby bead through the head of his dick

Other gold that he constantly wears includes his gold and jeweled rings(at least one on every finger), bangles, cuffs, anklets and toe rings.

He also has a single golden fang.

He also has a black tribal dragon tattoo (the dragon image in his profile) up the left side of his rib cage.

In terms of clothing, he dresses pretty sparsely. Evaris wears dark brown thigh high boots with golden buckles and embroidery. He wears a kilt of the same leather, cut into long neat strips that reach below his knees. The strips are collected at the front and back of the belt binding them, which leaves his hips bare. Underneath there's some lace up leather do-dad to keep him from flashing his smallclothes everywhere. He also wears a simple sleeveless white cotton/linen type shirt that laces in the front.


ENTJ Personality

Personality Color: Orange (Impulsive, Self-focused, Chaotic)
Tarot Type: Cups (Passion, Addictions, Wild Emotion)