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Evaris ([personal profile] blood_and_gold) wrote2015-11-17 08:25 pm
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About The Mun

Name: Jess
Age: 26

Backtagging: Forever and ever!
Thread dropping: I understand it happens, no worries :)
Fourthwalling: No thank you
Post Length: Anywhere from 2/5 semi-paragraphs. Sometimes I can be quite verbose and at other times I manage to be short spoken.
Post Frequency: Once in a while I can boomerang a post back, but on average, depending on my week it can take anywhere from one 1-6 days, give or take.

Things To Know About Me:

* I thread drop sometimes; it's usually nothing personal. I get easily overwhelmed by RL and my schedule doesn't have a set pattern.

* At times I don't reply to people at all. Please don't take it personally; at times I get very overwhelmed and can't handle being at the computer at all. Again, nothing anyone should take personally.

* I am very shy; if someone has dropped a thread with me I find it very difficult to tag that person again; I just feel like I'm being a pest.

* If YOU dropped a thread on ME, please don't hesitate to tag me if you like :)

* The things I love to RP most are Relationship development, building romantic tension, Rescues, Kink/Smut, and Character driven-type plots, and slowly developing romantic feelings/forging bonds

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