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Evaris ([personal profile] blood_and_gold) wrote2015-11-08 07:24 pm
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Recruitment Mission

'Hawke, is it?

If the eager gossip of dark town folk is anything to go by, it seems you are the man to approach for help with Special Problems. I know you are looking for coin and I am willing to pay very well, if you're able to help me with this damn persistent problem.

It's nothing that a professional like yourself couldn't handle, I'm sure.

There are assassins in my shadow. This alone doesn't concern me; I've made many enemies in the past years, but eventually they either run out of coin to keep sending blades at me, or some other tragic thing befalls them. In the past months, I've fended off six (rather pathetic) attempts on my life, and one that very nearly caught me off guard.

Who ever wants me dead so badly has began to hire Crows. I'm sure you can understand why this would concern me; I've no desire to either anger the Guild by killing whom they assign to me, or allow them to succeed in fulfilling my contract.

So much left to live for, and all that.

So this is where I ask for the help of the tall dark strapping human. Someone my stalkers won't immediately recognize as my ally. You help me flush out the blade on my tail, use your talents of persuasion, and hand him or her over to me to question on my own.

I suppose you can help, if you're into that kind of thing. It's not a requirement, just an invitation.

If you've a mind to discuss it, I can repay your efforts in gold. You can find me at The Rose.



As Evaris was originally created as a male romance option for a bloodmage!Hawke, I thought it would be neat to mirror the game a bit and come up with a Recruitment Mission. Generally this is how Hawke would first meet him, which would lead to Evaris becoming one of his companions. This sort of scenario works outside of DA2 and Hawke, as well.

If Hawke (or whoever) seeks him out at The Rose, he'll be greeted with an elf whom is dressed more like a dancer than a fighter. His scars are many, and his crimson braids almost sweep the floor at his feet... Evaris will of course explain in more detail what he'd wrote in his letter, and together they would devise a plan to lure out the assassin.

Which of course, results in a fight when the Crow-assassin called in a murder of allies...

But with Evaris, Hawke, and his companions, the fight was eventually won. All it would take is Hawke to mention The Deep Roads expedition, and Evaris would straight out ask to be brought along. No better source for violence and treasure, right? The dark elf would also volunteer his services to Hawke, because it seemed like a good way to run into fights and earn gold.


Help him catch the assassins on his butt to win some friendship points.