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RP Wishlist!~

"Need to contaminate; to alleviate this loneliness..."


[Evaris was originally created for a friend, as a romance option for a male bloodmage!Hawke (as, hypothetically, only Merill would be cool with that). I enjoy playing him off of different Hawke-s as well, especially as a companion in Kirkwall. Especially would enjoy playing out a "Recruitment Mission" or "Loyalty Mission" scenario. Also slow building, low burning romance~]

[Though at first it may seem as though Evaris has little in common with the selfless mage, first impressions can sometimes be misleading. There are hidden pains they share, and even a few traits in common. Plus Evaris flirts with anything pretty, so... there is that. I enjoy playing Evaris as a companion of Hawke's, so it's a good way to have them interacting. However, it's not a necessity. Questing together, getting drunk, sharing a significant moment of kinship... the options abound.]

[Slaver killing makes for good CR, I would wager; or sparring, as they're both warriors. Also, Evaris loves himself some getting drunk, and he's known to introduce smoking 'evlen herb' to his friends...Shennanigans, at the very least. Also Flirting because Evaris would flirt with a plant if he thought it would lay him.]


*Iron Bull*
[All the kinky sex. And dragon killing. And drinking. And just maybe some conflict about the whole 'being possessed by an ancient demon' thing. Also, the differences in the Reaver class they share... I'd be curious to see how those could play out!]

[Evaris has an inbred need to covet and possess the beautiful, so... yeah. Dorian may tempt him just a little bit. They also share extremely good taste, love of luxury, and distaste for anything mundane or dull. I would love to see them shopping together, for one thing!]

[BecauseElvenGlory Because I think Solas may find something tragic in how little Evaris knows of his people, and how far he has fallen only because of what was essentially a misunderstanding. Also, because Evaris would enjoy destroying that calm composure. It probably has nothing at all to do with the fact that he has something ancient living under his skin...]


*Rapunzel; Tangled*
[Because she's so sweet and tough, and he's such a bad boy. Also because someone to bond with over a compulsion to never cut his hair. And he'd love to tie her up in braids <3]

[Under Construction; More to be added!]